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Hall of Fame

WyoTech Hall of Fame Inductees

From 1966 to now, thousands of graduates across the nation have forged their way in the trades.  The education and training that WyoTech has offered for many decades is still paying off for nearly 60,000 graduates with the WyoTech name on their diploma.   We want to recognize and celebrate those graduates making a difference and doing big things in their career.  

The WyoTech Hall of Fame is a highlight reel to the passion, integrity, and prosperity trade education brings.  Certainly not lacking experience in trials, tribulations, and heartbreak, these individuals show up to the world with their skills, talent, and hard work.  WyoTech will never be shy to promote and celebrate the success of our alumni.


Phillip Cato

Phil Cato comes from a family that loves cars.  He grew up building them with his dad, and his mom raced a ‘69 AMX.  When he was 14, he became the second owner of a 1955 Step-side big window truck, which he still has today.  He drove that truck from the time he got his license until he was 21. 

Rick Crook

Rick Crook was born and raised in the rural community of Afton, Wyoming.  His love for cars and restorations grew as a young man in junior high and high school, spending countless hours and weekends with friends scouring the adjacent communities in search of old hot rods or hidden gems to make into project cars. 

Travis Groth

Travis Groth has had a lifelong love for the automotive and diesel industries. It is a passion that has only grown over the years. He spent countless hours working on and modifying trucks and jeeps throughout high school, which led him to attend WyoTech after graduation. 

Tyler Groth

Tyler Groth grew up in Gig Harbor, Washington, with his two brothers. One of his favorite memories is the many hours spent working on family vehicles with his dad and grandpa. When he wasn’t working on vehicles, he would modify remote control cars, boats, and airplanes.

John Hurd

A Laramie High School graduate in 1983, John Hurd’s entire career has been in the trades. Though he started in construction, then moved on to gain some experience in the logging industry, he has always had a love for cars, with influence from his brother.  Finding his way to Wyoming Technical Institute, he graduated from the Collision Refinishing w/ Upholstery program in 1989 & 1990.

Lon Phillips 

Lon Phillips was born in the city of Chicago and raised from the age of 4 in Schaumburg, IL. His upbringing was infused with a love for tinkering, instilled by his father, who was an auto mechanic. Surrounded by cars and the racing world, Lon’s early years were marked by a fascination with mechanics and engineering.

Ian Vance

Building cars was a dream Ian had as a little boy. After graduating high school, he didn’t know what career path to choose, so he started trimming trees. After an automobile accident left him injured and unable to work, he decided to attend WyoTech to become a skilled professional in the automotive field. 

Richard Wood  

Richard Wayne Wood is a well-known member of WyoTech’s graduating class of 1982, and one of the shining examples of the breed of craftsmen shaped by the highly esteemed school. After graduation, Rich went on to open his shop, Custom Car Crafters (CCC), in Austin, Texas, which he owned for over 40 years.