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Diesel Technology

Learn to tear down, tune-up, and rebuild in just 6 months.

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Train for one of the world’s most high-demand careers in a program that consistently produces the best and brightest graduates in the industry. With the skills you’ll learn in our shop, you’ll have the ability to make a living pretty much anywhere you want to go. Why do it at WyoTech? Because we’re going to send you out there with more than an education; we’ll send you with an impressive toolbox of knowledge and hands-on experience you can only get from us. Get hours of hands-on training with 60% of your time spent in the shop!

Get hours of hands-on training with 60% of your time spent in the shop!

Program Overview

Spend 6 months in four courses, then choose your specialty!
Week 1-6


Week 7-12

Engine Management and Refrigeration

Week 13-18

Power Trains

Week 19-24

Fluid Power and Electrical

Week 25-36

Specialty Program

Get more details on each course below.

Certified Diesel Techs are in High Demand

No matter where you go, the skills you acquire through our Diesel Technology program will give you the ability to make a living—whether it’s in the middle of acres of farmland, or somewhere with an ocean view. Although job placement isn’t guaranteed, our career services team works hard with our employer partners to place as many students as possible.


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We’ll teach you the (literal) tools of the trade—then you’ll immediately put them to use to pull apart and rebuild your choice of a Cummins, CAT, or Detroit engine. Throughout the course, you’ll get familiar with troubleshooting and diagnosing, performing tune-ups on all major diesel engine brands; learn how to adjust and run light-duty and heavy-duty engines; and learn how to navigate brand-specific websites.

  • Measuring pistons
  • Rebuilding/repairing engines
  • Performing tune-ups and overheads
  • Troubleshooting

Engine Management and Refrigeration

We’ll set codes on the engine you’re working on; it’ll be your job to tell us what’s wrong, following a step-by-step diagnosis process that includes the use of websites for CAT, Cummins, and Detroit. Additionally, you’ll go through the process of putting a 2016 Class 6 emissions truck in regen, and explore the latest technology for diesel management from the engine, to exhaust, to diagnostics. On the refrigeration side, we’ll walk you through the full history of the modern-day refrigeration system, starting with the principles of heating and cooling, and ending with servicing and troubleshooting the refrigeration system. You’ll also have the opportunity to earn EPA 608 and EPA 609 certification when the course is complete.

  • On-board vehicle networks
  • Multiplexing
  • Emissions and after-treatment systems

Power Trains

Here’s where we’ll lay your theoretical foundation in antilock brake systems and automatic traction control systems. We start with differentials, then move through hubs, kingpins, and steering. During the course, you’ll get to overhaul an Eaton-Fuller manual transmission; pull, inspect, and measure tolerances on clutches; pull and inspect single- and double-gear reduction differentials; work on and adjust brakes; and work on computer-controlled manual transmissions.

  • Failure analysis / troubleshooting
  • Clutch / transmission repair and adjustments
  • Automatic traction control systems
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Fluid Power and Electrical

Get the skills you need to work on any kind of heavy equipment! We’ll cover the foundations of hydraulics; hydrostatic drive transmissions; and how to properly hook up and perform tests using flow meters and pressure gauges. You’ll learn basic DC electricity and electrical systems; the fundamentals of heavy duty Allison torque converters; and how to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair alternators and starters using freestanding engines and skid steer loaders. At the end of the course, you’ll have the opportunity to earn the Snap-On multimeter certification.

  • Basic DC and electrical systems
  • Hydraulic system troubleshooting and repair
  • Diagnosing alternators/starters

Specialty Program

Most Diesel students choose Advanced Diesel, Chassis Fabrication, Applied Service Management or High-Performance Power Trains, all of which are designed to complement the skills you’ve learned in the Diesel Technology program and help you stand out to employers in the industry.

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Industry Certifications Available

  • Snap-On 525 Multimeter Certification
  • 608 EPA License Certification
  • 609 EPA Certification
  • 5 – ASE Student Certifications
  • Freightliner Get-Ahead Certification

Core Program Start Dates

April 3, 2023

July 3, 2023

October 2, 2023

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