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High School Instructor Resources

Come experience WyoTech in Laramie, Wyoming.

We get it. You’re busy.  Your hands might hurt and you’d rather be running a drill than this keyboard. If someone understands skilled trade education, it’s us. After all, we’ve been supporting instructors like you and your students since 1966.  You’re our kind of people.

We Invite You to Explore WyoTech

Let’s put the rubber to the road here: We’ve got your back, because you’ve got your students backs. So we’re inviting you up here to Laramie to see how we teach students to get work done the right way. No shortcuts, and nothing unnecessary – that’s how we’re making sure there’s high-quality talent ready for today’s workforce in as fast as six months. Just click below and come see us for a Summer Seminar or a Visitation. Door’s open, let yourself in.

Summer Seminars

In Summer Seminars, we invite high school instructors to become a WyoTech student for a few days. We have several opportunities to expand upon or freshen up skills. CEUs can also be earned through this offering.


Get an all-expense paid, two-day immersive experience to see the WyoTech shops, talk to our students, learn a few things and see how WyoTech is forging the path for the best and brightest mechanics of the future.