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Chassis Fabrication

Learn how to design frames and build roll cages.

What you want to know about Chassis Fabrication  

At the end of your 12 weeks in our state-of-the-art chassis fabrication shop, you will know about Chassis Fabrication, suspension, welding, cutting and fabricating skills.

You’ll spend the first six weeks of this program establishing and developing your welding and cutting skills, then put it all to work in the last six weeks by bringing a project of your choice to life.

Our shop supplies all the tools, safety gear, and equipment you’ll need to complete the program; it’s on you to bring the dedication and determination required to walk out of here with the skills you’ll need to begin a career.

What You’ll Learn in Just 12 Weeks

MIG/TIG Welding

An introduction to the most commonly used welding methods.

Tools and Terminology

Get hands-on experience with all the tools you’ll use on the job.


Phase I

You’ll get a comprehensive introduction to both MIG and TIG welding, Plasma and Oxyacetylene, cutting and shaping, grinding, and finishing, and basic metalworking ; learn the terminology of all the different tools in the chassis fab field, as well as how to use them; explore frame design, and tube chassis; and have the opportunity to develop a roll bar for one of the WyoTech shop cars. Additionally, We’ll give you an introduction to basic machining, including lathe and mill.

  • MIG  and TIG welding
  • Custom roll cage design
  • Machining 101
Two young men working on a chassis with a plasma cutter.

Phase II

Putting all the skills from your first six weeks to work, you’ll create a chassis fabrication project right here in the shop. Choose from one of our pre-designed blueprints (including projects like shop tools and shop fixtures) or perform class-related work (suspension modification, fabricated suspension components) on a personal vehicle, as approved on case-by-case basis by the instructor.

  • Custom chassis fab project
  • Create DIY shop fixtures
  • Fabricate lift kits
  • Mock-up and modify mounting locations for engine swaps
Two students measuring a chassis.