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Request Transcripts from WyoTech

How to request your WyoTech transcript

Current or former WyoTech (Laramie campus) student?

If you’re a current or former WyoTech Laramie student:

  • Have either your WyoTech student ID OR the last four digits of your social security number handy
  • Complete the online form below

NOTE: If you request that your transcript be emailed to you, please be advised that it will be considered an “unofficial” transcript. If you need an official transcript, it will need to be sent through the mail.

Graduate of a WyoTech campus from the state of California?

If you’re a graduate of a former WyoTech campus in California, click here to visit the California Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) website and search for “closed Corinthian College schools.”

Graduate of the former WyoTech campuses in Blairsville or Daytona?

If you are a graduate of the former Blairsville campus, you can order a transcript via Pittsburgh Technical College.

If you are a graduate of the former Daytona campus, you can order your transcript via Florida Commission for Independent Education (CIE).