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About WyoTech

Know Your Brand. Forge Your Path.

In the heart of the Rocky Mountains, we’ve built our legacy—one that’s launched WyoTech as a frontrunner in the Automotive, Diesel, Collision & Refinishing, and Welding industries.

We believe you need to forge your path in this world of ours and brand yourself proudly.

That’s why we wanted to re-establish a brand that represents the American dream; a brand with a backbone of hard work, respect, and integrity; a brand that honors our blue-collar individuals who don’t always reap the recognition of their hard work, but keep the world spinning as we know it.

We’re WyoTech: A place for those who know their brand and forge their path.

Since 1966, students have come to us from all walks of life, bringing with them a passion for the trades:
The backbone of America. 

Here at WyoTech, our mission is to provide exemplary hands-on training that prepares our graduates for entry-level positions in the trade they pursue, while offering an unmatched student experience.

Our family culture supports our team and positively impacts the students and the employers we serve.

While enrolled in our concentrated, industry-leading training programs, students learn how to prepare for a career in the automotive, collision and refinishing, or diesel industry—but that’s only part of the reason they’re here. 

Students come to WyoTech to forge their path; to be with their people; and, by the time they graduate, know their brand: The unique signature they’ll put on the world.  

Our students are in school and in the shop five days a week, eight hours a day. Alongside developing their skills, each student gets real-life experience with the same schedule and expectations they’ll encounter in their future career—particularly attendance, appearance, customer service skills, and demeanor. In fact, employers often tell us that WyoTech graduates are exceptionally well-rounded, and they acclimate well to the workplace.

Back in 1966, we founded WyoTech with one goal: Provide concentrated training programs that prepare students for the growing demand for technicians in the automotive, collision and refinishing, diesel, and welding industries.

In the decades since, we’ve proudly sent tens of thousands of graduates out to forge their own paths, earning careers with numerous companies located all around the world.