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Collision & Refinishing Technology

Learn to weld like a warrior and paint like a pro.

Become an alternative artist using a canvas made of metal.

Blend your passion for precision and hard work with the industry-specific training you need to start a career as an auto body repair and collision repair technician — backed by certifications offered by one the most well-respected schools in the industry.

Get hours of hands-on training with 60% of your time spent in the shop!

Program Overview

Week 1-6

Repair I

Week 7-12

Repair II

Week 13-18

Refinishing Technology I

Week 19-24

Refinishing Technology II

Week 25-36

Specialty Program

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The Collision Repair and Refinishing Job Market is in High Demand!

Past WyoTech Collision & Repair students and graduates have gained training and employment in almost every transportation industry. From aviation to boating to automotive, heavy equipment to light-duty cars/trucks, the skills you’ll gain in this program are needed nearly everywhere on Earth. Although career placement isn’t guaranteed, our career services team works hard with our employer partners to place as many students and graduates as possible. Our number one priority, through our courses and programs, is to give you tools needed to be ready for your dream career. Become a WyoTech student and take steps towards a career in vehicles today! Visit our site, in person or online, or give us a call. Our number is 800-521-7158.


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Collision Repair I

After learning safe, proper use of the tools of
the trade, you will slide into training on the fundamentals of vehicle construction, cosmetic auto body panel restoration and welding.

  • Worker protection, including following the proper regulations and PPE in the shop; this will be applied throughout the entirety of the program
  • Proper tool selection for vehicle repair
  • Vertical, horizontal, and overhead MIG welding steel and aluminum to I-CAR standards
  • Cosmetic repair: Including straightening dents with various tools and equipment, applying plastic body filler, and sanding and finishing
  • Removing and replacing bolted-on parts

Collision Repair II

Understand ABS and traction control systems, as well as learn ADAS (advanced drivability assist systems), suspension systems, squeeze-type resistance spot welding, adhesive bonding, and structural measuring and straightening.  Learn the skills required for collision repair to help you stand out and succeed in your future career.

  • Advanced welding: we teach proper sectioning techniques and procedures for OEM panel replacements, quarter panels, rocker panels, and A- or B- pillars
  • Structural diagnostics and measuring of a vehicle on a frame rack
  • Airbag theory and diagnostics of airbag systems
  • Windshield and back glass removal
  • Door skin removal and replacement

Refinishing Technology I

Start with basic instruction in surface preparation and masking, then move on to spray gun operation, understanding paint products, and their use, and paint mixing and application.  These paint techniques can be used on a variety of vehicles such as automotive, aviation and boating.

  • Worker protection
  • Surface prep and masking
  • Paint products and their usage
  • Spray gun operation: learning how to adjust air pressure, fluid delivery, and diagnose paint gun problems
  • Paint mixing
  • Perform a complete refinish on a vehicle: learn to identify dents and flaws in paint, properly sand a vehicle, and wash and prep a vehicle for complete repaint
  • Detailing of a vehicle before delivery to the customer

Refinishing Technology II

Finish the course learning about damage analysis, utilizing estimating systems, plastic reconstruction, spot repairs and blending techniques, corrosion protection and automotive foams, and opportunities for live work. Our refinishing technology program will help you stand out to employers and succeed in your career.

  • Sanding and polishing
  • Understanding the uses and application of tri-coat finishes
  • Damage analysis
  • Plastic repair
  • Color matching and blending techniques
  • Vinyl wrapping

Specialty Programs

Most Collision & Refinishing students choose Street Rod, Trim & Upholstery, Chassis Fabrication, or Applied Service Management, all of which are designed to complement the skills you have learned and help you stand out to employers in your future career.


Industry Certifications Available

  • I-CAR Intro Series Certification
  • I-CAR Pro Level 1 Non-Structural Certification
  • I-CAR Pro Level 1 Refinishing Certification
  • PPG Painter’s Certification
  • 609 EPA Certification
  • 4 – ASE Student Certifications
  • Snap-On 525 Multimeter Certification

Core Program Start Dates

April 3, 2023

July 3, 2023

October 2, 2023

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