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Collision/Refinishing Technology Program

Learn to weld like a warrior and paint like a pro.

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Become an Auto Body Artist in Only 9 Months

If you have a passion for auto body restoration, painting and refinishing, WyoTech has the perfect program for you. We help students turn their interests in the fascinating field of auto body and collision restoration into real-world experience and meaningful careers. The skills you learn in the Collision/Refinishing Technology program at WyoTech can enable you to work in a field you enjoy; taking part in fixing and restoring damaged vehicles using the latest technologies.

Blend your passion for precision and hard work with the industry-specific training you need to start a career as an auto body repair and collision repair technician.

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Hands-on training and experience, with 50% of your time spent in the shop!

Fuel Your Drive at a Top-Rated Auto Body Trade School

Of all the auto body technician schools out there, WyoTech offers some of the best in hands-on, practical training and a team environment that also provides a sense of community. The auto body classes you get to take will teach you all of the necessary things you’ll need to start a fulfilling career as an auto body technician. You will also develop critical thinking skills that will help you to keep up with industry trends and technology. From dents to refinishing to paint, you will get a thorough auto body education. 

Having a diploma from an auto body trade school is the fastest way to gain hands-on training and a skill set that can help you land an awesome job, doing epic work. But deciding on a college or trade degree isn’t a small choice. Obviously, you want to choose a program that will lead to gainful and fulfilling employment.

One of the advantages of attending our Collision/Refinishing Technology program is the potential for job placement. WyoTech has connections with a vast network of local and remote businesses; we aim to help you secure practical work experience during our program. This hands-on training and exposure to real-world scenarios are invaluable for building your confidence and honing your marketable skills.

Your program will consist of 6 weeks of

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The Collision/Refinishing Job Market

One thing that is certain is that there will always be a need for collision and refinishing technicians and very few people have the technical training and skills to fill those jobs. That means that adding a certificate, diploma, and the practical experience you can gain at WyoTech, increases your earning potential. WyoTech graduates have landed awesome jobs in almost every transportation industry, so the odds are in your favor.


U.S. Median Wage (2023)


U.S. Job Openings


U.S. Job Growth

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Six Weeks of

Collision I

To kick off this phase, you will learn safe, proper use of the tools of the trade.  You will then move into MIG welding on steel and aluminum in multiple positions, then cosmetic repair such as repairing dents, panel restoration, sanding, and finishing.

  • Learn proper worker protection, including following regulations and PPE in the shop; this will be applied throughout the entirety of the program
  • Understand proper tool selection for vehicle repair
  • Gain hands-on experience in vertical, horizontal, and overhead MIG welding steel and aluminum to I-CAR standards
  • Practice cosmetic repair: Including straightening dents with various tools and equipment, applying plastic body filler, and sanding and finishing
  • Remove and replace bolted-on parts
Six Weeks of

Collision II

In this phase, you’ll gain an understanding of ABS and traction control systems, as well as learn about ADAS (advanced drivability assist systems), suspension systems, squeeze-type resistance spot welding, adhesive bonding, and structural measuring and straightening. You will practice skills required for collision repair to help you stand out and succeed in your future career.

  • Develop advanced welding: we teach proper sectioning techniques and procedures for OEM panel replacements, quarter panels, rocker panels, and A- or B- pillars
  • Study structural diagnostics and practice measuring of a vehicle on a frame rack
  • Learn airbag theory and diagnostics of airbag systems
  • Remove and replace the windshield and back glass of a vehicle
  • Remove and replace door skins
  • Practice aluminum welding and panel repair
Student fixing hood of car.
Six Weeks of

Refinishing I

You will begin with basic instruction in surface preparation and masking, then move on to spray gun operation, understanding paint products, and their use, and paint mixing and application. These paint techniques can be used on a variety of vehicles such as automotive, aviation, and boating.

  • Focus on proper worker protection
  • Gain experience in surface prep and masking
  • Learn about paint products and their usage
  • Practice spray gun operation: learning how to adjust air pressure, fluid delivery, and diagnose paint gun problems
  • Mix paint to proper paint code
  • Perform a complete refinish on a vehicle: learn to identify dents and flaws in paint, properly sand a vehicle, and wash and prep a vehicle for complete repaint
  • Detail a vehicle before delivery to the customer
Student painting car with paint gun.
Six Weeks of

Refinishing II

You will finish the course learning about damage analysis, utilizing estimating systems, plastic reconstruction, spot repairs and blending techniques, corrosion protection and automotive foams, and opportunities for live work. The refinishing part of our Collision/Refinishing Technology program will help you stand out to employers and succeed in your career.

  • Practice sanding and polishing
  • Understand the uses and application of tri-coat finishes
  • Perform damage analysis and estimating
  • Perform plastic and bumper repairs
  • Develop color matching and blending techniques
  • Learn to vinyl wrap
Six Weeks of

Specialty Programs

Most Collision & Refinishing students choose Street Rod, Trim & Upholstery, Chassis Fabrication, or Applied Service Management, all of which are designed to complement the skills you have learned and help you stand out to employers in your future career.

Student welding.

Industry Certifications Available

  • I-CAR Intro Series Certification
  • I-CAR Pro Level 1 Non-Structural Certification
  • I-CAR Pro Level 1 Refinishing Certification
  • PPG Painter’s Certification
  • 609 EPA Certification
  • ASE Entry-Level Certifications
  • Snap-On 525F Multimeter Certification

Core Program Start Dates

September 30, 2024

December 30, 2024

Financing for an Auto Body School

We want everyone to have the opportunities they need to pursue the degrees and careers they want. We have several options for paying for your degree, including financial aid, grants, scholarships, and loans.

We love and honor our military veterans and are happy to help them pay for auto body classes using their G.I. Bill benefits. Contact our admissions office today to see what options we have for you!

Collision & Refinishing FAQs

How much does auto body school cost?

Program costs can vary and will be based on residency, program depth and whether certifications are required. WyoTech offers affordable programs and financing options as well.

What does an auto body technician do?

Auto body technicians, also known as collision repair technicians, are responsible for repairing and restoring damaged vehicles. They perform tasks such as repairing body panels, removing dents, sanding, painting, and refinishing surfaces. Their work involves using various tools, equipment, and techniques to bring damaged vehicles back to their pre-accident condition.

If restoring an old classic to its former glory is something you have a passion for, a career in auto body might just be the best choice for you!

How long does auto body school take?

Some auto body degrees can be obtained within 6 months to a yearWyoTech offers auto body classes in their Collision and Refinishing Technology program, and it only takes a total of 9 months to complete your training and get your diploma.