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Trim and Upholstery

Plot the pattern. Stitch the seams.

Breathe new life into one of the most sought-after trades.

Trim and upholstery is one of our industry’s unsung heroes, if we’re being honest.

It’s a trade that takes time.
It welcomes perfectionists.
It demands creative thinking.

Succeed at all of the above, and you’ll walk out of here ready to begin your career pretty much anywhere, from a classic vehicle trim and upholstery shop, to the marine, aircraft, furniture, and hospitality industries. 

An entire industry is waiting for you to arrive.
It’s time to earn the skills and hands-on experience you’ll need to get there.

What You’ll Learn in Just 12 Weeks

How to Make Custom Patterns

Get a handle on the basics. They’re your building blocks for creating custom designs.

How to Use Tools of the Trade

Get hands-on experience with industry-standard upholstery hand tools and a single-needle walking foot machine.


Phase I

Welcome to Seams and Sewing 101. You’ll refine your sewing skills, build your toolbox of basic seam styles (standard, reinforced, welted, French, pleats, diamonds, and tuck and roll), and learn how to operate a single-needle walking foot machine. Then: Think you can you create a bucket seat pattern from scratch? Using the seat from one of our in-shop cars as your model, we’ll all find out.

  • Learn basic seam styles
  • How to make custom patterns
  • How to customize vehicle interiors
  • Learn to estimate time and materials
Two students adding upholstery to bucket seat.

Phase II

By the time you leave this phase, you’ll have hands-on experience with industry-standard upholstery hand tools. Show us you’ve got the hang of it, and you’ll get to use those tools for carpeting, headliners, sun visors, trim panels, vinyl tops and convertible tops.

  • Learn how to use upholstery hand tools
  • How to work on vehicle interiors
  • How to repair and replace convertible tops and vinyl tops
Student adjusting red and white bench seat.