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WyoTech Admissions

Forging your path starts here.

Forging Your Path Starts here

As you begin to forge your path at WyoTech, we are here for you every step of the way. From initially expressing interest in attending, to showing up for your first day in class, we support you in making sure you are WyoTech ready by your desired start date.

With support from your admissions representative, enrollment services coordinator and our student finance team, you will have superior service supporting you through your enrollment process. You will also get access to your own WyoTech portal that will inform you where you are in the process and what actions may be needed to complete your enrollment. Readiness tasks in the portal will guide you through all the necessary steps including financing, housing, signed agreements, and more.


Complete your core program and specialty in nine months. Now is also the time to consider add-on specialties to support your career goals. Many of our students pursue several specialties, expanding their marketability with multiple skill sets.