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Street Rod & Custom Fabrication

Learn the art of shaping steel and custom painting.

If it can be done with sheet metal, you’ll learn how here.

Not many people can say they learned the foundations of metal shaping at one of the most respected shops in the nation. During your 12 weeks in our Street Rod & Custom Fabrication program, you’ll build the specialized skill set needed to completely modify the exterior of a car—starting with basic sheet metal shaping and panel replacement, then advancing to creating and applying custom modifications.

The skills and hands-on experience you’ll earn through this program can be applied to working on, modifying, and customizing anything out there with wheels.

What You’ll Learn in Just 12 Weeks

MIG / TIG Welding

Gain hands-on experience in MIG and TIG welding non-structural steel.

Forming and Folding Metal

Apply the foundational skills of metal shaping to today’s modern projects, or restore classics to their former glory.

Custom Paint

Develop and refine your skills in airbrushing, gold leaf, stenciling, pearls and candies, and woodgraining.


Phase I

The focus of this phase is fabricating a class-sponsored project. You’ll begin the phase with MIG and TIG welding on non-structural steel, then move on to exploring the basic methods of shaping metal.

  • Develop skills in MIG, TIG, and Gas welding on different allows
  • Practice metal shaping
  • Learn mechanical and plasma cutting
  • Practice base and top coat paint techniques

Phase II

Learn the foundational skills to today’s modern projects, using tools like English wheels, power hammers, and planishing hammers to complete projects ranging from simple damaged body panel repair to creating complete, customized panels. Find the perfect finish by performing all the required body filler work, priming, blocking, and application of base and clear coats. Additionally, you’ll complete an intensive custom painting course, focusing on developing and refining your skills in airbrushing, gold leaf, stenciling, pearls and candies, and woodgraining, as well as using vinyl cutters and plotters to create and cut out stencils.

  • Repair damaged body panels
  • Create and cut out stencils
  • Explore custom paint design
  • Apply base and clear coats
Student and instructor working on engine of street rod.