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Applied Service Management

Learn the business and earn the degree.

You want to run your own shop?

From figuring out finances and creating marketing plans, to successfully managing the flow of a shop (and the customers and employees within it), every element of the ASM program is tailored for the automotive industry. Everything you’ll see, do, and learn is a direct reflection of the day-to-day for ownership and management roles in an automotive, diesel, or collision and refinishing business. If you’ve got your eye on a role in ownership, management, or service-writing role anywhere in the automotive industry, there’s no better place to get started than right here.

By successfully completing this program along with a core program, you’ll earn an Occupational Associates Degree in Specialized Technology (AST).

What You’ll Learn in Just 12 Weeks

Shop Management

From client intake to resource management, learn how to ensure all the pieces work together.

Customer Service

It’s all about the experience, and quality work begins with quality customer interactions.

Accounting and Marketing

Forecast your financials, create marketing plans, and learn the art of business analytics.


Phase I

In Phase I of this program, we will dive head-first into how to manage a shop.  We will teach you not only the physical resources needed to run a business, but also the importance of following proper process and appropriate documentation.  We then move into HR side of management, where you will learn about the ins and outs of different personnel involved in an automotive/diesel service business, different types of compensation plans, work place health and safety concerns, and more.  You will also learn about communication skills, time management, organization, and the best ways to resolve customer disputes.

  • Shop Management
  • HR Management
  • Communications

Phase II

This phase introduces you to general accounting concepts, including income, expenses, and profit.  You will also learn about different management styles, leadership, ethics, and the overall complex role of management.  We teach you the importance of having a vision, mission and values for your business, and having something to stand behind for development and decision making.  We also introduce you to common computer hardware and software applications, including word processing, graphic presentation, electronic communication and time management software.

  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Management Concepts
  • Computers