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High School Instructor Visitation

Get a 2-day, all-expense-paid* trip to see WyoTech in person.

*Travel to and from your departing destination, lodging for the sponsored timeframe, and provided meals are covered. Expenses outside of sponsored activities are not covered.

“Don’t pass up this opportunity. It’s well worth your time.” 

According to the real high school instructors who attend these events every year, including the one kind enough to let us share their quote here, WyoTech’s high school instructor visitation events are well worth your time.

We’re not blowing smoke when we tell you: These events are worth the trip, and you’ll be glad you came.

Over the two days you’re here, you can expect to:

  • Tour the WyoTech campus, housing, and shops
  • Meet WyoTech students and instructors
  • Get to know instructors from around the country
  • Explore Laramie, Wyoming

We’ve got the upcoming event dates listed below. All we ask is that you let us know at least 4 weeks prior if you’ll be there.

Have any questions? Give Cortni Lentz a call: (307) 755-2225.

  • Oct. 31- Nov 2, 2024 

Instructor Visitation Guidelines