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John Alonzo- 2023 Hall of Fame Inductee

March 14, 2024

John is the Racing Operations-Marketing Director for the Race Shop at Scoggin Dickey Parts Center in Lubbock, TX. The Race shop is an in-house premier machine shop specializing in high performance engines. John is working at his dream job and gets to showcase his company’s product at the racetracks.

He has been racing for almost fifteen years. His passion for the automotive industry started at a young age. His uncle, Roel, owned an automotive shop called Magic Tune and drag raced his 1972 Vega.

March 10, 1991 was the day his dad took him out to watch his uncle compete, and he hasn’t stopped thinking about racing since. He was fortunate enough to spend several summers working in the shop, going racing and learning from him.

Fast forward to his junior year of high school, and first year in the Automotive Tech program, his instructor, Mr. Goen, who had been there for several decades, touched multiple lives and spread his knowledge to whoever would listen. He was the first person to speak to him about attending WyoTech. After the local rep spoke to his class, Mr. Goen pulled him aside and said “You really ought to think about that school. A kid like you could make a good career in the automotive field.”

Unfortunately, Mr. Goen passed before his senior year, but his words stuck with John. He enrolled at WyoTech in the summer of 2005 and moved to Laramie that fall. Over the next 12 months, WyoTech instilled knowledge, punctuality, and a strong work ethic in him.

The school held its students accountable for their actions and held them to a high standard that ultimately prepared him to succeed in the workforce.

Career Services helped create resumes and he sent his to every NHRA drag racing team he could. 30+ resumes every month for 3 months prior to graduation. After graduation, he couldn’t hold out any longer and was able to get a job for Group 1 Auto tech at their chevy store back home in Lubbock, TX.

That said, his heart was still calling him to the racing world. He continued to send out resumes, especially to the local engine shop Sunset Race craft. He dropped a resume off every week for months until Tracy, the owner, called him and said he didn’t have a position open, but could come help him after hours. He was beyond excited and went every night after work! He was finally working on race cars, even if he wasn’t getting paid. After several months, he was offered a full-time position. He was fortunate enough to spend 8 years of employment under Tracy until his passing. He gave John an opportunity and his start in the racing industry, and for that John is forever grateful. These 3 special men along with his family, wife and friends believed in him, and WyoTech taught him to believe in himself! To bet on yourself and to forge your own path. 

When we asked John what advice he would give to people entering the trades, here is what he had to say:

Believe in yourself.

Enjoy the process and the path that it leads you to. Arrive early-stay late, do what must be done and hold to the vision until those sacrifices pay off. Love it – Learn it- Live it.