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2024 Hall of Fame: Ian Vance

June 7, 2024

Building cars was a dream Ian had as a little boy. After graduating high school, he didn’t know what career path to choose, so he started trimming trees. After an automobile accident left him injured and unable to work, he decided to attend WyoTech to become a skilled professional in the automotive field. Before graduating WyoTech, Ian was hired to work in the metal supply room of the chassis fab department. He worked his way up to becoming an instructor in the same department. Ian then moved back to CA to start his own small business, Metalhead Kustoms.  He now uses the skill and knowledge he learned from WyoTech daily in his own “Rods and Fab” shop. 

When we asked Ian what advice he would give to someone who is just starting his or her journey in the trades, here’s what he had to say

Ask yourself, are you wanting a career or wanting to start a business? After you figure that out, set your stepping-stones in place. If you want to own your own fabrication business, taking business classes will be the ultimate key to your success. Keep your curriculum books, I look at mine weekly. There’s an abundance of knowledge to be learned, open your mind and do so!