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Lewis, Ty

Diesel Instructor

My name is Ty Lewis, I have been officially in this industry for 39 years and counting. My interest apparently started way before I can remember with Matchbox, Hot Wheels, and then moving up to Tonkas of all kinds. Many childhood days were spent having a make, model, and sub-model identifying competition with my cousin as cars and trucks went down our busy Missouri street. I was blessed to grow up around Model “A” customs, restorations, and a few muscle cars. Having developed a skill set early on that family, friends, and a few employers would utilize, along with a push from my parents, I found myself attending WyoTech in 1985. Only the year before, I met my future wife of 36+ years on a guest ranch here in Wyoming. After graduating, my career took me to Idaho and Colorado, then back to Laramie for 25 years, working at UW, the local GM dealership running their towing and roadside assistance program, and returning to WyoTech 2004-2010 as an instructor in Automotive and Diesel. After spending twelve years in Alaska managing a fleet maintenance program for a very large transportation company and globally recruiting employees for the same, I have returned home to Laramie, to friends and family, and to WyoTech. I enjoy travel, camping, ATVs, the outdoors from mountains to beaches, and classic cars. What a great adventure I am living!! Thanks WyoTech!