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Stage, Robert

Automotive Instructor


Robert E. Stage Jr. is a veteran of the automotive industry and has worked in multiple positions over the last 32 years. He holds a Master Auto Technician Designation through the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) organization with A1-8 and A9 Diesel Auto and Light Truck. He has been A Technician, Service Writer (VW, Audi), Service Manager (Volvo), and a Service Director (Jaguar and Land Rover). Robert has written a few published articles in his career. His first article was featured on The Center for Performance Improvement website. The article was titled “The ‘Coming’ Technician Shortage in the Automotive Industry” It was published on February 27, 2017. The second automotive Industry article was featured in MotorAge magazine and was published on Valentines Day in 2023, just one day after Robert began his employment at WyoTech. That article is titled “Starter Operation Through the Eyes of the Scope”. He is married to his wife Cynthia and moved to Laramie from the greater Columbus, Ohio region where they owned and operated “Stage1Mobile Diagnostic and Auto Repair” a mobile automotive diagnostic, programming, and repair business. He and his wife have four grown children. In his spare time, he likes to read, watch movies and documentaries. He also likes to study physics and electrical/ electronics in his spare time. Robert would like to make it all the way through the 3 volume set of “The Feynman Lectures” and his Lost 4th Lecture someday.  He likes to try new restaurants and explore new cuisine with his wife. Robert is very active on LinkedIn and participates in the Ted Ings advisory panels that are produced 4-7 times yearly. These panels discuss the challenges and triumphs of the service department side of the dealership life and lifestyle. And what it’s like to work at aftermarket repair shops. They also discuss mobile service as an emerging service option for the clientele. In the future Robert expects to continue his writing on Substack and Linkedin “From the Driver’s Seat” newsletter and making progress advancing the teaching automotive technologies space across many different formats and media delivery types.