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Programs That Put You In The Driver’s Seat

Imagine waking up every morning excited to learn, knowing your passion will shape your future. 

WyoTech offers an immersive, hands-on educational experience designed to turn your enthusiasm for engines, welding, powertrains, and custom and high-performance vehicles into a lifelong profession.

This is where students become craftsmen, engineers, and trailblazers in the automotive, diesel, collision/refinishing, and welding worlds. You’ll be joining a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion and will be mentored by industry experts who are as invested in your future as you are. 

Our graduates go on to work in some of the most exciting and dynamic fields in their desired industry after completing programs like:

Applied Welding Technology 

Our Applied Welding Technology program equips you with all you need to master the art of welding. This comprehensive program covers welding techniques like Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG), and stick welding to give students diverse skills they can use to thrive in their field.  

This program creates a solid foundation for industrial fabrication, construction, and manufacturing work.

Automotive Technology

Dive deep into the mechanics of engines, electrical systems, and diagnostics with our Automotive Technology program. You’ll learn from seasoned professionals and gain practical experience in state-of-the-art facilities. By the time you graduate, you won’t just understand how vehicles work; you’ll be able to make them perform better than ever before.

Collision/Refinishing Technology

For those who see beauty in restoration, our Collision/Refinishing Technology program is your canvas. You’ll learn to transform wrecked cars back to roadworthy condition, honing your metalwork, painting, and detailing skills. This program teaches you technical skills and instills a sense of pride in bringing damaged vehicles back to life, and even enhancing them beyond their original condition.

Diesel Technology

Heavy machinery, trucks, and diesel engines are the backbone of countless industries. In our Diesel Technology program, you’ll become a professional in maintaining and repairing these powerful engines. From diagnostics to overhauls, you’ll gain hands-on experience that ensures you are ready to meet the demands of this high-powered field. Diesel technology is essential to many sectors, and your skills will make you extremely valuable to your future employer.

Applied Service Management

Beyond the technical skills, WyoTech offers the Applied Service Management program, designed to prepare you for leadership roles in the automotive, collision/refinishing, and diesel industries. Learn the business side of automotive service, including customer relations, shop management, and operations. This program equips you with the knowledge to perform the work and manage and lead a successful automotive business.

High Performance Powertrains

Our High Performance Powertrains program is your ticket to the fast lane for those who crave speed and power. Learn how to maximize engine performance and build high-performance engines that leave the competition in the dust. This program is perfect for gearheads who want to push the limits of what’s possible on the road and the track.

Advanced Diesel

Take your diesel skills to the next level with our Advanced Diesel Technology program. Building on the foundation of our Diesel Technology core program, this 12-week specialty program focuses on diagnosing, troubleshooting, and repairing Class 8 trucks.

You’ll learn to perform multipoint inspections to make trucks DOT-compliant and gain hands-on experience in a fully functioning truck shop.

Motorsports Chassis Fabrication

For those who dream of building vehicles from the ground up, our Motorsports Chassis Fabrication program is your playground. You’ll learn the ins and outs of designing and constructing vehicle frames, ensuring safety and performance. This hands-on training is perfect for future custom car builders and off-roading enthusiasts who love to push the limits of what a car can be.

Street Rod & Custom Fabrication

Our Street Rod & Custom Fabrication program is designed for students who want to master the art of custom automotive craftsmanship. 

This program is ideal for mechanics looking to specialize in restoring classics or designing unique vehicles. Whether you’re passionate about customizing cars or expanding your metalworking skills, WyoTech’s Street Rod & Custom Fabrication program prepares you to work on and modify vehicles in just 12 weeks.

Trim & Upholstery

Every detail matters when it comes to creating the perfect vehicle interior. Our Trim and Upholstery program teaches you the art of crafting custom interiors that combine luxury, comfort, and style. Learn to work with various materials to create unique, personalized interiors that set vehicles apart.

If cars, trucks, and everything automotive set your pulse racing, WyoTech is where your journey begins—It’s where dreams are built, engines are revved, and futures are forged.

Are you ready to turn your passion into your career? Look through our core programs, and let’s talk about your future at WyoTech.

*Advanced Diesel, Applied Service Management, High Performance Powertrains, Motorsports Chassis Fabrication, Street Rod & Custom Fabrication, and Trim & Upholstery programs are Specialty Programs that are part of your education at WyoTech. You can choose any of these to compliment your Core Program.