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Waste Connections Dependents Paid Tuition Program

Jump Start Your Diesel Tech Career

Looking for the Next Generation!

WyoTech is thrilled to announce an incredible opportunity for the 18-26 year old dependents of Waste Connections employees: a chance to earn their ticket to a high-octane career in Diesel Technology!

Pair your Diesel Core Program with your choice of a specialty — Advanced Diesel or Applied Service Management – 9 months to Waste Connections career ready!

It’s time to shift into high gear!

Invest in your family’s future– Waste Connections is proud to be your co-pilot. Don’t let this chance slip away – hit the gas and apply today! 

Waste Connections Tuition Assistance FAQ

Who can apply?

Dependents (age 18 to 26) of qualifying Waste Connections employees in the US are eligible for the program. Qualifying employees include full-time employees who have completed at least one year of continuous service with any Waste Connections company (including prior service with an acquired company). Dependents must also meet WyoTech admission criteria (High School Diploma or GED required) and complete a WyoTech acceptance interview in order to be eligible for the program. Eligible dependents will generally be selected to participate on a first-come, first-served basis as space allows in WyoTech’s school terms. More details are located in the summary and agreement.

What does the program cover?

After any grants or veteran’s benefits have been applied, Waste Connections will pay the remaining cost of 9-month tuition (Diesel Core Program + Advanced Diesel or Applied Service Management Specialty Program) and shared-bedroom housing at WyoTech.

In addition, upon graduation and acceptance of a job at a Waste Connections location, Waste Connections will provide participants with a starter tool set and box as coordinated by WyoTech.

Students and families will be responsible for the $100 nonrefundable WyoTech application fee, any housing deposit, tool deposit or similar fees required by WyoTech, as well as any travel, food and living expenses while at school.

More details are located in the summary and agreement.

What if a Waste Connections student doesn’t finish WyoTech’s Diesel program?

If a participant in this program fails or leaves school, or if their parent/qualifying employee leaves their job with Waste Connections before graduation, the participant will be required to repay Waste Connections for the full amount paid on his or her behalf to WyoTech. More details are located in the summary and agreement.

What happens after graduation?

Upon graduation, the participant must accept a position at a Waste Connections location. Waste Connections will make every effort to place the graduate in their preferred geographic area. However, relocation, with financial assistance from Waste Connections, may be required. If the participant leaves Waste Connections before completing four years of service, he or she will owe a prorated amount of tuition, housing, relocation, and/or tool costs back to Waste Connections. More details are located in the summary and agreement.

What if I have additional questions about this program?

Please email your questions to [email protected]. Additional details are also available in the Waste Connections Dependents Paid Tuition Program summary and reimbursement agreement.