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Diesel is more than just trucks; it’s a driving force behind today’s technology. Think about all the vehicles and equipment running on diesel engines: oil rigs, power plants, hydraulic systems, locomotives, cargo ships, farming equipment, construction vehicles, mining equipment, and, of course, diesel trucks.

At WyoTech, you’ll get hands-on experience working with a variety of diesel engines and power systems. Our instructors make sure you’re able to work with machines produced by some of the top names in the diesel industry. The Diesel Technology core training program includes coursework in:

  • Fluid, Power & Electrical Systems
  • Engines
  • Engine Management Systems & Refrigeration
  • Power Trains

You’ll study diesel engine theory and design, engine performance, cooling systems, lubrication systems, induction exhaust and after-treatment systems, hydrostatic transmissions, charging systems, heavy-duty torque converters, power train principles, heavy-duty clutches, transport refrigeration, brake air systems, steering alignment, and so much more.