Program Info

If you enjoy metalworking, painting and detailing, and the satisfaction of restoring vehicles, you should consider our Collision & Refinishing Technology program.

The Collision & Refinishing Technology program at WyoTech is aligned with the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR). Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll be eligible for I-CAR ProLevel testing through I-CAR’s Professional Development Program.

You’ll take two courses in collision repair and two courses in refinishing as part of your core training program.

The collision repair courses will provide instruction in the fundamentals of repairing vehicles damaged in a collision. Special attention will be given to steel and aluminum panel repair, replacement and alignment, glass replacement and alignment, and MIG welding steel and aluminum. You’ll also learn about squeeze-type resistance spot welding, structural measuring, structural straightening, heating and cooling systems, air conditioning, electrical circuits, restraint systems, suspension systems, antilock brakes and traction control systems.

The refinishing courses will provide you with instruction in surface preparation and masking, spray gun operation, detailing, paint mixing, paint application, spot repair and blending techniques. In addition, you’ll learn about corrosion protection, refinishing equipment, worker protection, hazardous materials, damage analysis and estimating, plastic welding and repair and refinishing.