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Student Spotlight- Jacob Kilfoyle

March 25, 2024

Jacob Kilfoyle is from Kenai, Alaska, and traveled across the country to attend WyoTech.  His family was always involved in the trades, his dad having always been a “gear-head” and his brothers-in-law being in the trade industry as well.  Knowing that he was looking into going into the trades, Jacob’s brother-in-law suggested that he look into attending WyoTech.  After doing his research, Jacob knew that WyoTech was a place he could enjoy attending, and was not let down.  Taking Collision and Refinishing and Street Rod, he learned a ton in his 9 months attending WyoTech, helping him grow in his passion for restoring street rods to their former glory. Jacob also offered his advice to students who were considering coming to WyoTech- “Make sure you come prepared to learn.  This isn’t anything like high school, and there’s a lot of things here to learn that will apply to your life…. I also recommend living in the dorms.  They’re right on campus, so you can walk to class and be surrounded by people who have the same interests you do.”