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Student Spotlight- Grady Fisk

February 26, 2024

Grady Fisk inherited his parents’ passion for the trades and pursued it by coming to WyoTech.  From Tumwater, Washington, Grady’s parents were both Diesel technicians, and passed their passion for the industry onto their son.  Having gained an interest in cars when he was little, Grady has wanted to work in the field for a long time.  As he got older, he did his research on tech schools and decided that WyoTech had some of the best facilities and opportunities for what he was looking for.  He was not disappointed.  “This is like the Ivy League of tech schools,” he jokes.  Taking Automotive Technology and High Performance Power Trains, Grady says that his favorite part of WyoTech was the High Performance Power Trains program, because he could use the knowledge he gained from that not just as a hobby but also as a career.  He also speaks to how many connections he’s made through the school.  “I’ve gained a lot of friends and potential colleagues I wouldn’t have met otherwise.” 

Grady’s dream is to use the education he got at WyoTech to move to Japan and work on vehicles there.  “I really like after-market stuff, so Japanese cars are mostly my thing.”  He says that he really enjoyed his time here and that he recommends that anyone considering the trades look into attending the school.