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Alumni Spotlight- Kelsey Peters

January 30, 2024

Kelsey Peters is an amazing example of a trailblazer in the trades.  From Rangely, Colorado, Kelsey always had a passion for the trades.  “I have always had fire in my eyes for creating, building, and anything automotive.  WyoTech’s street rod and custom fab definitely caught my eye.”  Knowing that WyoTech would be able to give her the skills to go where she wanted in her career, she attended in 2013 and took Collision and Refinishing and Street Rod. 

Kelsey says that her education at WyoTech enabled her to further her creative talents and specialize in them.  “Trusting the power of failure is something I had already instilled in myself, but during my time at WyoTech it evolved.  There, I was able to take the knowledge and instruction given to me and further trust myself in the Automotive world to just “start that project” or “make that cut”.  When I made a mistake, I could take it as a challenge or a learning curve to better myself.”

She is currently using her training at WyoTech as a Metal Fab, Paint and Body Restoration Technician at the Rangely Automotive Museum.  She restores and builds cars, trucks, gas pumps, and a variety of other things for the museum.  She also coordinates events and gives tours for the museum.  She speaks highly of the projects that she’s had the privilege to work on.  “I have been incredibly thankful and fortunate in the variety of projects I have been able to have my hands on.  Many late ‘20s and early ‘30’s, some ‘50’s and even some of the “newer” stuff from the ‘60’s and ‘70’s,” She jokes.  “Some of my favorite projects (personal and professional) have been a 1928 Auburn Coupe, a 1929 Ford AA Pickup, a ’79 GMC.  I even got to build a Bugatti type 57 from scratch/VW body.” 

Marrying her high school sweetheart, Kelsey and her husband now have three beautiful daughters.  She is currently in the process of getting her bachelor’s degree in hopes to implement an Automotive program in her local high school.  She wants to be able to ignite a spark in the younger generation and inspire them to keep the trade alive. 

To learn more about Kelsey and the Rangely Auto Museum where she’s putting her skills to her work, visit