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Student Spotlight- Gavin Perman

January 29, 2024

Gavin Perman took a leap in coming to WyoTech as an inexperienced tech, and never looked back. 

“Ever since I was born, I never played with anything unless it was related to cars.  I never even liked Legos until my mom showed me that I could build a car with them, and then they became my favorite toy,” Gavin explains.  This passion for cars only grew as he got older, but he never really had an opportunity to work on a fixer-upper, or even take any automotive classes in high school.  He realized that if he wanted to learn more about cars, he would have to go to school for it.  From Cheyenne, Wyoming, he was familiar with WyoTech, and decided it would be a good fit for him.  “WyoTech made it easy for me to come in as a beginner who’s never really worked on anything, because of the way they present the knowledge,” Gavin says.  “It’s really good base level stuff, and the instructors explain it in a way that’s easy to learn.” 

Gavin hopes to one day use the knowledge he got at WyoTech to open his own custom shop that not only restores cars, but also designs them.   He wants to be able to design and build vehicles from the ground up.  

Gavin also offers advice to those who are considering coming to WyoTech- “Don’t be ashamed to come here if you don’t know or have a lack of experience with cars.  This school gives you not only experience but so much more- you learn communication skills, professionalism, conflict resolution, etc.  The people are awesome here as well, so don’t be afraid to give it a shot.”