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Toys for Tots Drive

January 29, 2024

WyoTech has been supported immensely by the surrounding community in Laramie, Wyoming, and our students love a chance to return the favor.  When they are asked to help out those in need, they go above and beyond.  These qualities were greatly demonstrated over the Christmas season this year. 

All of WyoTech’s classes participated in the Toys for Tots drive around town.  Turning it into a friendly competition among the different programs, there was a challenge to see which classroom could raise the most money in toys donated for children in need, in order to give them the Christmas every child deserves.  While the winning class one of our two Chassis Fabrication classes, raised over $3000 in toys, the school as a whole made a huge dent in the effort.  Between students and staff, below are the stats for what was collected during the toy drive-

  • Toys- 497
  • Stocking stuffers- 1210
  • Stuffed Animals- 24
  • Puzzles- 1
  • Games- 8
  • Bikes- 8
  • Total items donated- 1748

The Toys for Tots toy drive in 2023 was a prime example of the standards that WyoTech holds itself to, and the culture the school promotes.