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May 2023 Student Spotlight

May 30, 2023

Bryce Bitsky, from Parker, CO, is following his passion through an education at WyoTech.  Taking Chassis Fabrication and Automotive, Bryce says he was drawn to the trades by a love of cars as long as he can remember.  “I worked at a car wash before I came here, and have always been surrounded by cars.  I had 5 of my own at home and my dad and I would just work on them all the time- I fell in love with it from there.”  Hearing about WyoTech through one of his mom’s friends, he came up to tour the school last year and says “It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.”  He stresses the importance of paying attention during the lecture portion of the classes, as what you do in the shop directly reflects what was discussed in the lecture.  Taking Automotive and Chassis fabrication has given him the opportunity to learn how to fulfill his passion of seeing older vehicles running in beautiful condition.  “I know we’re all moving to electrification, but if we could keep classic gas and diesel on the road, that’s my goal.” 

            Bryce also speaks to his specific goals.  He says that right now, in Chassis Fabrication, he is building a pre-runner style bumper for his 4-Runner.  Working with all tubing, he will do both the front and the back bumper.  He also says that he would love to get his hands on his dad’s ’89 Chevy Camaro and rebuild that for him.  “It’s kind of just sitting in the garage at home and it’s just not running, so being able to get that all built up and ready; redo all the paint job, rebuild the engine….it’s been about 20 years since he’s driven it so that would be pretty cool.”

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