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January 2023 Alumni Spotlight

January 4, 2023

Julia Brueggen tackles a unique aspect in the trades industry.  From Westby, Wisconsin, she took Collision and Refinishing, Diesel Technology, and Applied Service Management.  She was drawn to WyoTech because her brother had attended a few years prior.  She had grown up helping him paint equipment on their parents’ farm, and a few months after she graduated from high school, she knew she wanted to turn it into her career.  Having graduated from WyoTech in 2014, Julia is currently using her education to run her own body shop for semis and trailers.  They do complete truck builds and paint work, along with painting and customizing trailers.  She also occasionally gets to do smaller projects such as classic cars, tractors, and equipment. 

            Julia recognizes WyoTech’s influence in her accomplishments.  After working for a few different shops in the industry, she knew that she needed to start her own.  “Every job along the way was a piece to the puzzle, every job consisted of a vital part in being able to do everything from start to finish now.”  Taking ASM at WyoTech also was a huge help in being able to start her own business.  She also speaks to being a woman in a male dominated industry, and is proud to have made a name for herself.  She says that her shop, though it is only a 2-man shop, consistently has many customers come to them because of the amount of detail and craftsmanship they put into their work (see attached picture). She says that WyoTech was instrumental in giving her the steppingstone into the career field.  “I would not have landed my job at Peterbilt in the body shop if I would not have gone for both Diesel and Collision and Refinishing. Peterbilt played a large role in pushing toward opening my own business, working on both show trucks and everyday work trucks. I knew that one day I needed to make it happen.  Applied Service Management was also a very educational part, it has played a large role in business operations.”  Julia recommends that WyoTech students take ASM, even if they think they will never use it.  She says it will not only help you build structure, but it will also give you the tools and knowledge you need to start your own business.  She offers final advice as well- “You get out what you put in.  If you try your hardest and participate, it will greatly help you along the way. Take part in community activities and create an image for yourself.”

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