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How Automotive Schooling Gives You a Chance at a Great Career

September 14, 2022

The automotive technology job market looks very good at the moment, so it might be the best time for you to consider automotive schooling, if you want to give yourself a chance at a great career.

When you graduate an Automotive Technology program from a respected school, you gain experience and become familiar of industry-standard tools, so you are ready to put your skills to work as a technician. Job placement is not necessarily guaranteed, but if you apply yourself to your class, you may receive a job offer from someone related to the automotive school that you are attending.

Jobs in the automotive industry are in high demand and well-paid. The US median wage is about $42,000, there are 75,000+ job openings, and the estimated job growth in the next 3 years is 5%-9%. So, yes, this is a perfect time to become an automotive technician.

Automotive schooling involves a minimum investment of money and time, and it will get you ready to work in a field that is growing every day. You will learn everything you need to know to start maintaining, diagnosing and repairing modern vehicles with professionalism: engine management, drivability diagnostics, drivetrain systems, chassis and specialty programs.