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A Glimpse of What Auto Body Repair School Will Teach You in Laramie

September 7, 2022

Auto body repair school is not about greasy guys, who hammer fenders all day long. That is just a cliché that has only little to do with what is actually going on.

Auto body repair school does teach you about manual labor, which is a part of the profession, but things are not exclusively about getting your hands dirty, but also about making modifications and creating things. That’s what WyoTech will teach you.

Working in the auto body repair industry starts with theoretical and practical classes, which are conceived to meet industry requirements and cover various aspects: structural and non-structural, electrical, mechanical, refinishing, painting, damage estimation, etc. At WyoTech, you will also be putting these classes to use with application in the shops.

Students get to work with different cars, from classic to electric, gaining experience under the supervision of trained professionals. The experience gained during training in an auto body repair school is essential and you might not get it from somewhere else. It is the first step in your career as an auto body repair specialist, and will allow you to continue to a higher level, if this is what you want. For more information, check out WyoTech’s Collision and Refinishing program at