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Is Collision Repair A Growing Field?

August 11, 2022

Collision repair training it can be a good career opportunity for those who are passionate about cars and about fixing them and restoring their appearance after being involved in accidents.

Statistics show a median wage of a about $43,000 per year for auto body repair, and it keeps growing each year.  There is also a related job growth in this industry, which makes the perspective of a career even more appealing.

Getting into this industry has several benefits. First, your passion becomes a source of income. You can enjoy new challenges each day as well as a lot of diversity. Payment is reasonable, right from the beginning, and, as you progress and gain reputation and experience, it can become great.

WyoTech’s 9-month training program can have you out working in the field as an entry-level technician in less than a year! With real shop time and competencies to complete, you’ll get hands-on experience on what you’ll be working on in the field. Look to the professionals in auto body school at WyoTech to learn more.