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Is Auto Body Repair School Good If You Don’t Have Any Experience?

February 7, 2022


Auto body repair specialists are always in high demand, and this job can be quite lucrative. Most cars will need a body repair at some point. Flawlessly correcting damage, scratches, and bumps on the car’s body caused by weather conditions (wind, hail, etc.) or minor accidents is possible with the help of a skilled and experienced auto body repair specialist.

Those who want to work in this area must have graduated from a vocational school or completed specialized studies in an advanced collision and refinishing schooling training course. Qualification in this trade is important because it certifies that you have knowledge of:

  • Repairing defects on the body of vehicles
  • Preparation of tinsmith work
  • Manufacture and assembly of auto body repair parts
  • Proper use of specific equipment and tools
  • Knowledge of the types of materials used in the production of different car body parts
  • Application of special putties and execution of retouching works of painted surfaces.

You can get into this business even if you have no experience at all once you choose to enroll in an apprenticeship program. These are organized by colleges and associations all over the country, so it should not be difficult to identify learning and training opportunities like this in your area.

Here at WyoTech, not only can you be trained in 9 months, you can also earn a variety of certifications. Our Collision and Refinishing Program offers up to 10 available certifications.

  • I-CAR Intro Series Certification
  • I-CAR Pro Level 1 Non-Structural Certification
  • I-CAR Pro Level 1 Refinishing Certification
  • PPG Painter’s Certification
  • 609 EPA Certification
  • 4 – ASE Student Certifications
  • Snap-On 525 Multimeter Certification