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Diesel Tech Schools – Your Ticket to an Automotive Tuning Job

December 13, 2021

Stop Sign Time To Be Smart Diesel Mechanic School

Certified Diesel techs are in very high demand and this career path can be quite rewarding. The US median wage is higher than $48,000, and there are almost 30,000 job openings until 2026.  

Choosing a diesel mechanic school is a smart move also because you will acquire skills that will be useful to you and help you make a living, no matter where you are. After all, the country’s economic engine is Diesel-powered, so certified technicians are always in demand to keep all those millions of machines, ships and locomotives up and running.

To start such a high demand career, you will have to find a good Diesel tech school and enroll in a learning program. You can expect to spend about half a year in a few main courses (engines, engine management & refrigeration, power trains, fluid power & electrical), followed by choosing a specialty (Advanced Diesel, Applied Service Management, etc).

At the end of WyoTech’s 9-month program, you will be not just educated in Diesel-powered engines, but also have practical experience, due to the time spent in the shop. In just 9 months, you will be able to tear down, tune-up and rebuild semi trucks and other parts of the Diesel industry.