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Under New Leadership, WyoTech Is Setting a Gold Standard by Providing First-Rate Training to Students

July 13, 2021

Leadership is bringing back the school’s initial legacy of giving students first-class training, preparing graduates to achieve great success in their careers.

LARAMIE, Wyo., July 13, 2021 ( – WyoTech, a Laramie, Wyoming-based diesel- and automotive-related training school for those seeking diesel, automotive and collision refinishing careers, is operating under a new ownership team that is committed to moving the school in a positive direction — a commitment it has proven over the last three years.

WyoTech, now led by former president, teacher and alumnus Jim Mathis, saw an opportunity to revive the school and its positive impact for students and the economy. When Mathis led the purchase of WyoTech in July 2018, the school had 12 students. Now, WyoTech boasts nearly 500 students from all 50 states and expects to have over 1,000 by 2023.

Mathis, a graduate of WyoTech’s diesel program, sought to reinvigorate the school that gave him an excellent education and training. After the state of Wyoming approached him in early 2018, Mathis submitted a proposal to acquire WyoTech operations in hopes of restoring the school’s legacy of providing well-trained technicians to the United States workforce and beyond.

Mathis took over as CEO in July 2018, and, driven by his conviction that WyoTech fully prepares students for a career in their desired industry, he and his team have funneled their passion for providing effective, well-rounded training into WyoTech and its students.

The family-owned business with small-town roots is now back on track with rising enrollment and, most importantly, stronger graduation rates. 

“Yes, WyoTech has experienced its share of challenges with different owners. Moving forward, our vision is simple. We strive to be the best in training and to provide the best student experience with the best outcomes. We understand the history of the school. We also know the positive power behind the WyoTech brand,” said Mathis.

WyoTech’s curriculum goes beyond mechanical skills. In addition to the programs in diesel, automotive and collision refinishing, it emphasizes soft skills such as interview skills and personal appearance along with a heavy emphasis on attendance. Students are required to follow dress codes regarding facial piercings, hairstyles and uniforms. WyoTech has these standards to prepare students for the professionalism and soft skills expected of employees in the workforce. 

Mathis said that these skills, along with a school day that is structured as a standard workday, enhances the appeal of WyoTech students to job recruiters nationwide. This allows graduates an opportunity to secure positions at reputable companies. Nearly 70 nationally recognized companies visit campus several times a year to recruit the school’s most recent graduates. 

“Our philosophy is rooted in our desire to fully prepare students to launch their career in nine short months,” said Mathis. “A technical education alone does not deliver these results. Skills that focus on professional development and personal conduct are essential to our students’ success, which is why we focus on these aspects of the job in addition to the core education and training. In the end, we do this to help our students jump-start their careers and land positions that they might not obtain otherwise. That is the WyoTech difference.”