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Kick Your Career Into Gear at a Collision Repair School!

July 7, 2021

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Do you want to make sure you can land a job anywhere you go? Are you looking for an interesting and challenging career that will keep you learning more all the time and provide you with opportunities to grow and make more and more money? If that’s you, then you’re going to love collision repair school.

What is collision repair? As the name suggests, it’s a field of work and expertise that deals with vehicle collisions and repairing crashed vehicle bodies. If you accidentally hit a fire hydrant while backing out of a parking lot or a garage, then your car’s body might have a few dents and bruises which are usually hard to repair through conventional means. That’s where collision repair experts come in, and it’s no surprise that they can handle restoration projects that are much more complicated and difficult as well.

Collision repair school generally takes a couple of years, but at WyoTech, you can finish your training in as little as 9 months! With the Collision and Refinishing program, you follow an I-CAR (“Automotive Collision Repair Industry Knowledge and Skills Protocol”) curriculum, therefore have the ability to get an I-CAR certification and increase your chances of working with well-known companies. We provide you with the technical, theoretical and practical knowledge and skill you need in order to land a job at an auto body shop that deals with collision repairs. Right out of school you can start earning a lot of money with no delay, and you’ll find that collision repair experts will always be in high demand, so this can be an opportunity for a long term career as well.