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Interested In Collision Repair Training?

May 27, 2021


Most collision repair technicians learn their skills while doing the on-the-job type of training. However, due to the fact that it is a rather competitive market, there are also certain programs and special courses available. Certification is not mandatory, but it often can help getting hired.

Collision repair mechanics usually fix the exterior parts of a car. But they can also be trained on how to fix the inner components of a vehicle.

What a collision repair technician does is to evaluate, analyze and repair any damages found in a collided vehicle. This work can imply fixing, replacing or refinishing the outside body parts of a car. Most of these professionals can be found working for large businesses or manufacturers, but there are also some who work for small, individual car shops.

As far as the educational aspects are concerned, it takes a 2 years program to cover both for the inner, and the outdoor collision repair training. They also learn how to work with various materials, such as glass, plastic or metal. Although it is not required, getting formal education from an auto body trade school can be useful not only for employment advantages, but also for those who intend to further develop their expertise and become master repair technicians.