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Is an Auto Mechanic School Right for You?

October 8, 2020

Ask The Right Questions Automotive School Right For You

When it comes to choosing a career, you must think carefully before you make a decision. Thus, deciding on going to an automotive technical school should not be a whim of the moment. You may love cars and enjoy tinkering with yours, but doing this every day, year after year to earn your living is a different matter.

Here are some issues you should give consideration:

1. It is a Physically Demanding Job

With all the machines and automation in car repair shops, auto mechanics still do a lot of physical work. You may find it a great challenge in your 20s and early 30s, but by middle age you may not be as fit and capable of lifting heavy weights or spending hours bending over a car engine.

2. Auto Mechanics Do Not Earn High Salaries

If you just want a stable job and have no high ambitions, you are a good fit for an auto mechanic career. However, remember that there is no place to move up in this job, to a higher and better paid position. At best, you may become the supervisor of a team of mechanics, and that is not a very high paying job, either.

3. You Have Flexibility to Change Jobs

On a positive note, though, if you are a good auto mechanic you will never be out of work. There is a constant demand for skilled car technicians and if you don’t like working for a particular car repair shop, you can always find a better job elsewhere.