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Redefining The American Dream

Jim first stepped into the halls of WyoTech at 18, a move that would shape his future, and that of the students you’ll find at the school today. 

To Jim, this journey was more than just a search for an alternative academic path; it sparked a deep-seated passion for the institution and its mission. Within a year of his arrival, Jim’s dedication to building a better future for those in the trades saw him assume the role of an instructor in the Diesel Mechanic Program, marking the beginning of a remarkable legacy.

Jim’s growth at WyoTech was meteoric. His unwavering commitment to the trades and an innate ability to inspire others soon catapulted him to a role made for him: President and CEO of WyoTech. It was here that Jim could fully leverage his talents and vision to reshape the educational landscape for future technicians.

In 2018, Jim’s bond with WyoTech took a decisive turn, and he purchased the institution. Many would just call this “business,” but for Jim, it was a commitment to perpetuate the legacy of a school that had given him so much. 

He set a clear and ambitious objective: “to train the next generation of technicians for the long haul.” Jim envisioned WyoTech as a catalyst in molding adept, resilient professionals equipped to meet the evolving demands of the automotive industry.

Jim’s story is what you envision when you think about “the American Dream”, a testament that success does not follow a singular, traditional path. At WyoTech, the belief is that opportunity should be as diverse as the population it serves. This philosophy ensures that all who aspire to excel, regardless of their starting point, have a place to do so.

WyoTech stands as a community where the backbone of America is forged—through the hands of skilled technicians who drive the country forward. The school’s focus on leadership, technical growth, and problem-solving prepares students not just for jobs, but for careers that sustain industries and entire communities.

For those drawn to the challenge, WyoTech offers students the tools to navigate and succeed in the trades – automotive, diesel, collision/refinishing, and welding. As we look to the future, the question remains: Are you ready to forge your path? 

We invite you to join us on campus, to step into a place where careers are built, where leaders are shaped, and where the next chapter of your American Dream begins. 

Your future is calling—how will you answer? Join us at WyoTech, and let’s build tomorrow together.