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Tools of the Trade Part 1: Tube Bender

February 27, 2024

Welcome to our Motorsports Chassis Fabrication shop!  In this program, we will train you how to build custom bumpers, roll cages, suspensions, and nearly everything related to building an off-roading vehicle.  

One of the tools you will see in the Chassis Fab program is a tube bender!  With this tool, you will learn how to bend tubing to any angle in order to use it to build a variety of things on your vehicle. 

Utilizing the tube bender to its full potential can be a bit complicated, but is within your grasp with the help of our instructors.  We will train you how to create a blueprint to lay out a plan for your project, in order for you to be fully prepared to utilize the tool.  You don’t need previous experience in metal work, either!  We will start you from ground zero and help you get the full potential out of your training in this class.  Jayden Christensem, a Chassis Fab student from Utah, speaks to this point.  “I had never touched a welder or any sort of metal bending tools like this, and I was able to help our instructor with his exoskeleton on one of his vehicles.  I also built a roof rack for my own car with the tube bender.”

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