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Hot in the Shops- June 2023

June 20, 2023

WyoTech is proud to promote its family culture, and the students are living up to that when their instructor is in a time of need.

WyoTech Diesel instructor Zach Haas has 4 kids.  His 8-year old son, Wyatt, was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  As soon as the news got out, the WyoTech shops rose to the challenge.  Eagle Techs Maverick Miller and Colin Evridge used the WyoTech car show to bring attention to the cause.  “My buddy Maverick and I decided we had to do something to help out, so we set up a booth to collect donations at the WyoTech car show, and raised about $1500 worth of money for them,” Colin says. 

“We just wanted to help out one of our favorite instructor’s sons the best we could,” Maverick added. 

Other staff members also rallied behind the family.  Several staff, including other instructors and members of other departments, bought the family passes to the Zoo, Aquarium, and Butterfly pavilion on Denver.  One of the instructors who has recovered from cancer in the past worked with a church in his hometown to raise funds to get treatments that helped with his condition.  Jay Meek, instructor and assistant coordinator for the Diesel program, told his classroom that if they raised $500 for the cause, he would shave his head for Wyatt.  A couple of the other instructors piggy backed off of it.  “We didn’t put any restrictions on it except they had 3 weeks to do so, so it spread through out the Diesel department and student from all classes donated to the cause,”  Jay says.  Overall the diesel department raised $650.  “I waited for a time that Wyatt could be there and was going to have him shave my head,” Jay continued, “but he was playing the shy guy so Zach did it for him. Bill (a fellow instructor) shaved his mustache and then Brad and Mike jumped on board and shaved their heads as well.” 

The students had gathered to watch, and Jay asked who among them wanted to take part in the cause.  After a bit of hesitation, one by one several students lined up.  Jay says, “I believe we had 8 or 9 student shave their heads…. The fact that the school has got behind one of its own, proves we all have heart and are one big WyoTech Family. We do have the best staff and the best students anywhere.”

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