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November 2022 Student Spotlight

December 2, 2022

Erik Koons is forging his path and sparking a difference in his family by entering the trade industry. From Boulder, Colorado, Erik is one of the first in his family to have a passion for Automotive. “Growing up, we only had one ratchet set, and that was for woodworking.  Everything I’ve learned in the last year and a half has been on my own.  I think it’s good to be able to work with your hands and know how the world works.”   While working at a shop in high school, Erik learned that he had a love for making things go fast.  He had a fast car at the time that he really enjoyed driving and knew that he would enjoy the racing part of the Automotive industry.  This passion for driving is what drew his attention to WyoTech’s High Performance Powertrains program.  He knows the better he understands cars and how they work, the better he will be at driving.  While he is at WyoTech, he plans on taking Automotive, High Performance Powertrains, Chassis Fabrication, Street Rod, Trim and Upholstery, and Applied Service Management.

Erik is currently using the knowledge he is gaining at the school to work on his own project. He is putting a Toyota 2JZ engine into a Ford Mustang. Putting a foreign-made engine into an American muscle car has caused some friendly controversy among his fellow students, but he says that he is “super stoked” for the end result.

Though he is not entirely sure what he wants to do when he graduates yet, he has general idea.  “I know I want to get into racing, but beyond that, it’s up in the air.  I’m kind of just letting God take it and see where it goes.”  Outside of school, he enjoys going to the gym, hanging out with friends and family, whether sightseeing, stargazing, skiing, snowboarding, “just enjoying life.” 

About WyoTech

Forge your path at WyoTech in Laramie, Wyoming. We are a destination school for future technicians pursuing full-time training in Automotive, Diesel, Collision & Refinishing, and Welding. *Pair your core training with six specialty programs in Street Rod, High-Performance Power Trains, Applied Service Management, Chassis Fabrication, Advanced Diesel, and Trim & Upholstery.

*No specialty program is necessary to graduate from our Welding program.