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October 2022 Alumni Spotlight

October 20, 2022

October WyoTech Alumni Spotlight

Our alumni spotlight this month is a diesel graduate named Isaac McCarthy.  From Sheridan, Oregon, Isaac took WyoTech’s Diesel Technology program with the specialty of Applied Service Management.

 Isaac says, “I had a choice between WyoTech or a community college that was cheaper and close by.”  He says he chose WyoTech because he felt it had better programs and better connections in the industry.  Isaac uses the education he got at WyoTech every day in his career.  “I look at plenty of diagrams that I wouldn’t have any idea how to understand before my education.” 

When asked if he had any goals that WyoTech helped him achieve, Isaac says, “I am a 20-year-old and working a career that I couldn’t have landed without WyoTech.”  He also offers advice for future and current WyoTech students.  “Be able to stand out with your hard work and attitude.  That’s what gets you where you would like to be.”  As a reminder, Isaac presses on the importance of being prepared to continue learning after finishing school.  “WyoTech got me into my job at Peabody, but there is so much more learning that I’ve been doing as well, starting as soon as I hit the ground floor.”

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*No specialty program is necessary to graduate from our Welding program.