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WyoTech Partners With University of Wyoming to Maintain Agriculture Equipment

July 6, 2022

WyoTech Partners With University of Wyoming to Maintain Agriculture Equipment
First of its kind partnership benefits WyoTech’s automotive students and the public university’s LREC agriculture program.

LARAMIE, Wyo., July 6, 2022 ( – Automotive trade school WyoTech is teaming up with the University of Wyoming (UW) to benefit students at both institutions. Leading automotive and diesel technician trade school WyoTech entered into a first-of-its-kind partnership with UW to help maintain agricultural equipment for the university’s Laramie Research and Extension Center (LREC). The mechanical support not only benefits UW it provides WyoTech students a chance to work with agricultural machinery.

WyoTech students will have the chance to work on high-end equipment like the sophisticated New Holland Skid Steer. The steer loader features advanced technology, such as a vertical-lift linkage, an electrical harness and much more.

“The university’s [agriculture] department reached out to us for our help, and we recognized immediately the value of this project for our students,” said Mark Muhsman, WyoTech’s Core Program Coordinator. “We’re a leader in automotive and diesel maintenance and repair, and they’re looking to keep their equipment going. It’s a win-win.” Muhsman said that helping UW’s LREC is a great experience for WyoTech students. “I understand the Center has a machine with no running engine. That’s a temporary problem for them and an educational opportunity for WyoTech students who are looking forward to fixing it.”

WyoTech is a leading automotive and diesel tech school that prepares students across the nation for a career in the skilled labor workforce. LREC provides UW’s staff and students with quality resources to excel in research, teaching and outreach.

“We offer Wyotech students what I think is a unique opportunity for trade schools, the opportunity to work on Agriculture equipment,” said Scott Lake, Director of LREC and a Professor at the University of Wyoming. “Running equipment is an everyday part of agriculture, which means equipment routinely breaks down. This partnership works for everyone. WyoTech has students who are passionate about automotive and mechanic work. The Laramie Research & Extension Center has students who are passionate about agriculture and livestock. It’s a logical fit.”

Lake, who has worked at UW since 2008, believes this partnership is the first of its kind for the university. “If UW can offer opportunities for WyoTech to train their students on different equipment than they are used to, that is a positive. And UW is a state-funded institution, so any assistance we receive helps us tremendously,” he said.

Lake’s particularly pleased to be teaming up with WyoTech. “WyoTech has a great reputation in the automotive world,” he said. “And at the end of the day, both UW and WyoTech are in the business of educating students. Working with other educational programs seems natural and logical, so I hope this continues.”