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The Pros and Cons of Investing Time in Collision Repair Training

March 18, 2022


A collision repair technician is a key figure in the automotive industry. The number of car owners is increasing year by year, so there is a growing demand in the labor market for those who know how to work with sheet metal, being specialized in collision repair.

What are the advantages of having such a job?

If you like the idea of working as a collision repair technician, but you are still not convinced that it is worth investing time in collision repair training, maybe it will help you to know some of the advantages and disadvantages that you will experience in this activity field.


  • Your passion becomes a source of income
  • You enjoy the diversity and new challenges every day because the damage you have to fix is never the same.
  • Payment is reasonable and can become great once you gain experience and reputation.


  • The working environment is neither the safest nor the most comfortable. You will be in a workshop, where the atmosphere will most likely be noisy.
  • As a collision repair technician, you will use a variety of machines and tools to help you work at the highest standards, and these include some that, if misused, may cause injuries.
  • In addition, your duties may also include painting the repaired car body, which means that you will be dealing with the pungent odor of chemicals.

The pros of becoming a collision repair technician far outweigh the cons of the job. The collision repair training offered by WyoTech is a solid career path.