All You Need to Know About Starting Out at an Auto Body Repair School

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When starting out at an auto body repair school, you don’t necessarily need prior knowledge. Hands on experience is usually welcome, if you spent your early years with friends or family members tinkering on cars and trucks. However, in most cases, a good auto body repair school will help teach and train you even if you start out not knowing anything about the subject and not being ready at all.

Starting out is pretty easy. All you have to do is make sure to find the school of your choice, enroll and pay the initial fee. You will then be able to take the courses and learn about subjects such as the anatomy of a vehicle, methods for auto body repair and unique issues that would relate to collision repair.

At WyoTech, classes run from 7am-4:15pm Monday-Friday.  While you will be attending school full-time, same as if you were working a full-time job, you can be graduated and certified in as little as 9 months.  This means you can be in the field repairing and refinishing cars in less than a year!  In addition, at least 50% of class time at the reputable auto body repair school is spent in the shops, working on real cars, vehicles and other projects.  When you do enter the work-field, therefore, you will be going in with prior hands-on experience and can have confidence that you know how to handle real-life collision repairs.  If you are interested in working with steel and aluminum or wish to attend a collision and refinishing technical school, WyoTech could be for you!