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Earning a Living as an Auto Mechanic

March 26, 2021

Auto Mechanic Training Earn A Good Living

Auto mechanics are well paid in the US and they can even consider going beyond a job to make a living. Hard work, dedication and skill pay off and you can absolutely have a fulfilling career in this job.

Here are some things you should know about earning a living as an auto mechanic:

1. You Have Good Earning Potential

Auto mechanics start in the job with an hourly rate of around $10, which can double in 10 years. Apart from the salary, you can earn bonuses from your employer and tips from happy clients.

2. You Can Earn Money on the Side

Most auto mechanics earn money on the side helping car owners in their local area. After all, why take the car to the dealership, miles away, when there is a qualified mechanic down the street ready to help you? Thus, you can start advertising yourself in the local community to supplement your earnings.

3. You Can Open Your Own Business

Many experienced mechanics open their own car repair shops. Cleverly situated close to residential communities, small car repair shops are thriving. Plus, you can also hire apprentices. Thus, you can grow your business and get the training you need through an automotive mechanic program.