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Is an Auto Body Training School Right for Me?

September 23, 2020

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Auto body repair technicians are people who repair various types of auto body damage, including rust as well as any physical damage caused by impact or by normal wear and tear. They work either independently or as employees of body shops or of automotive companies, but only after having completed formal as well as practical training. Here are some things that you should know about the line of work and about the training involved before you choose the trade:

  • Types of formal courses – auto body repair courses are offered either as certificate courses that take about six months to complete or as associate degree courses that take longer, usually about two years. Both types of courses incorporate practical training as well, in the form of internships or lab practice. The auto body school courses are also differentiated based on the specializations they teach – you can choose a course in auto body welding, painting, repairs, glass repairs and collision damage repair;
  • The subjects studied – all forms of training will include classes about the materials used for the repairs, about the tools and equipment used for the repairs as well as about aspects related to safety;
  • The exams – whatever type of course you choose, you will be required to take an exam that tests your knowledge in all the fields studied before you can get a certificate and before you can start your own company or seek employment.