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What Course Is Right For Me?

If you want a career where you can work with your hands, then WyoTech can help give you the skills you need to succeed

We offer programs in a variety of career fields, and it's our desire to provide you with everything you need to start working on the career of your dreams. To help you decide on a career path, take a look at some of our core training programs.

We offer career training in many popular tech-based career fields:

Automotive Technology

Students in our automotive technology love working and tweaking engines. This course is all about diagnosing engine problems, and learning how to get these engines running right. This automotive course covers everything from engine rebuilding, engine maintenance, drivetrain systems, and of course working on the chassis. This course is a must for anyone who loves spending time wrenching engines in their garage. Specialties in our automotive course include:

  • Applied Service Management
  • Motorsports Chassis Fabrication
  • High Performance Powertrain
  • Street Rod and Custom Fabrication
  • Light-Duty Diesel
  • Advanced Automotive Diagnostics/Smog Certification

Learn more about our Automotive Technology course.

Collision Refinishing

If you're a fan of MTV's Pimp My Ride, and want to work in automotive body construction, this is the course for you. This course is all about learning the skills to weld, repair, and refinish a vehicle. You'll learn metal cutting procedures, cosmetic repair, paint chemistry, masking techniques, color plotting and mapping, and so much more. This is one of those courses built for someone who wants to work in the creative field of collision refinishing. Specialty options include:

  • Trim and Upholstry
  • Applied Service Management
  • Motorsports Chassis Fabrication
  • Street Rod and Custom Fabrication

Learn more about our Collision Refinishing course.

Diesel Technology

How does working on big diesel engines sound? Yeah, these engines are amazing, and our course will give you the training and confidence to start wrenching on diesel engines in big rigs, bulldozers, tractors, transport refrigeration systems, and so much more. Yeah, this course is for someone who wants an adventurous career working on the biggest engines in the business. You'll work on big engines by Caterpillar, Detroit, Cummins, John Deere, Mack and Deutz, and International. So think about a career in Diesel Technology. Specialty courses include:

  • Applied Service Management
  • High Performance Powertrain
  • Street Rod and Custom Fabrication
  • Light-Duty Diesel
  • Advanced Diesel

Learn more about our Diesel Technology course.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Our Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning courses provide students the skills to work in HVAC service and repair. Courses include:

  • Basic Electricity and Electrical Theory
  • Basic Refrigeration Theory
  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Heating Systems
  • Air Distribution Systems and Sheet Metal Fabrication

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Marine Technology

Ever consider working on watercraft engines? Careers in marine technology are perfect for trained technicians who enjoy working on propulsion systems, inboard engines, stern drive systems, and outboard marine engines. If you think you'd enjoy a career working on marine engines, you should definitely learn more about this course. Courses in this Course include a study of:

  • Vessel Power Transmission
  • Inboard Engine Propulsion Systems
  • Diesel Engines, Power Generation and Marine Electronics
  • Outboard Engine Propulsion Systems

Learn more about our Marine Technology course.

Motorcycle Technology

Our Motorcycle Technology course is all about learning the technical skills to diagnose service and repair motorcycle engines. This course is perfect for students who love motorcycles, and want to learn how to optimize engines for peak performance. And who doesn't love the sound of a rumbling chopper getting ready to take off? Courses in this course include a study of motorcycle fuel systems, suspension systems, brake systems, and working with two and four stroke engines. Students can also choose to concentrate their studies in one of the following:

  • Harley Davidson
  • BMW & Ducati
  • Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha
  • Custom Motorcycles

Learn more about our Motorcycle Technology course.


As the plumbing industry changes with new technology, the industry needs qualified plumbing professionals who can adapt with the changes. Our plumbing course provides students with the training to understand uniform plumbing code, plumbing piping systems, blueprint reading, and heating systems. Courses include:

  • Basic Construction
  • Plumbing
  • Installing Valves, Fixtures and Water Heaters
  • Servicing Vent and Waste Systems
  • Sizing Water Supply Systems and Backflow

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Electrical Course

If you've ever considered becoming an Electrician, then you should definitely check out this course. Graduates of this short-term course are qualified for entry-level positions as repair electricians, programming electricians, commercial and residential electricians, preventative maintenance electricians, field service electricians, and installation electricians. Courses include:

  • Electrical Theory
  • NEC/Safety/Hand Tools and Conduit Bending
  • Residential/Commercial and NEC Requirements
  • Transformer Principles and Test Equipment
  • Hazardous Locations and Power Distribution
  • Motor Concepts and Jobsite Management

Learn more about our Electrician course

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Featured Specialty Course

Light-duty DieselLight-duty Diesel is a specialty of the Diesel Technology Core CourseLight-Duty Diesel The objective of our Light-Duty Diesel concentration is to provide students with the skills to work on light-duty consumer trucks and diesel engines. Students study various manufacturers' engines, and examine how diesel power and performanc...

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Student Testimonials

George KremposkiWyoTech Graduate"After WyoTech, I worked at a few collision shops and four hot rod shops. I have a steady flow of people who want me to do work for them. Some wait up to a year for me to do the work on their babies. I've taken a short vacation from building cars and have turned my efforts to building some of the country's coolest jet boats."