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What are my career options after graduation?

WyoTech alumni have many career options. Check out the career fields we train for:

Many students choose to attend WyoTech because of our connections with top companies in the industry. These companies know the quality of our graduates, and visit our campuses during their annual recruiting periods. They also work with our career placement office to hire our graduates upon graduation.

Automotive Technology

Graduates of our automotive technology program are fully equipped to handle a career in many tech related areas. This includes:

  • Automotive Technician
  • Retail Service Technician
  • Tire and Lube Technician
  • Specialty Shop Technician
  • Service or Parts Manager
  • Service Writer
  • Aftermarket Parts Development Specialist

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Collision Refinishing

Graduates of our collision refinishing program are prepared to work as:

  • Collision Repair Shop Technician
  • Automotive Glass Installation and Repairer
  • Specialty Shop Technician
  • Welder
  • Fabricator
  • Paint Technician
  • Damage Appraiser

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Diesel Technology

As you know, the diesel engine is the world's workhorse. Diesel engines power everything from trains and cruise ships to farm equipment and power stations. That's why graduates of our diesel technology program have their pick of many career options. Career options include:

  • Heavy Equipment Maintenance
  • Locomotive Maintenance
  • Over-the-Road Truck Maintenance
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Dealership Service
  • Aftermarket Parts Development/Specialist

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Motorcycle Technology

Our motorcycle technology program will provide you with the skill set to diagnose, service, and repair modern motorcycles. Career opportunities include:

  • Motorcycle Service and Parts
  • Specialty Shop Technician
  • Performance Technician
  • Aftermarket Parts
  • Application and Development

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Marine Technology

Marine Technicians can work in shops repairing portable outboard motors, or they can work in a dry dock or marina overhauling large diesel or gasoline inboard-outboard engines of commercial fishing boats and cabin cruisers. Graduates of our marine technology program may join careers as:

  • Franchise Dealership Technician
  • Marine Fleet Technician
  • Engine Builder
  • Aftermarket Parts Application/Development

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Student Testimonials

Teresa JuddWyoTech Graduate"It wasn't just fictitious and in a book and repetitive. In Engines class you take it all the way apart, and then put it back together and then you run it and it's LOUD."