Specialty Building

Main Entry

Welcome to WyoTech; come on in and take a look around!

Chassis Fabrication

In our state-of-the-art chassis fab shop, you’ll learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about welding and working with metal—starting with forming and folding, all the way up through cutting metal on plasma, with a saw, or by hand.

Flex Shop

Street Rod

Here’s where you’ll build the specialized skill set needed to completely modify the exterior of a car—starting with basic rust repair and panel replacement, then advancing to creating and applying custom modifications.

Trim & Upholstery

Master the ability to create patterns, use industry-standard tools, and sew and seam with precision, and you can apply your passion for this trade nearly anywhere. We’ll give you hands-on experience with a variety of materials, teach you to use a single-needing walking foot machine, and get you familiar with industry-standard upholstery hand tools.

High-Performance Power Trains

Consider this a master class in engine performance, covering the fine art of making things go fast from both a mechanical and an electronic perspective

Core Program Building

Diesel Technology

Train for one of the world’s most high-demand careers in a program that consistently produces the best and brightest graduates in the industry. With the skills you’ll learn in our shop, you’ll have the ability to make a living pretty much anywhere you want to go.

Advanced Diesel

Building on the skills and techniques from the Diesel Technology core program, you’ll spend 12 weeks learning how to take a truck from completely torn-down to 100% road-worthy. Along the way, you’ll learn troubleshooting and repair; take an in-depth exploration of electrical systems; and learn the ins and outs of modern emissions.

Automotive Technology

We’ll take you through engine management, diagnostics, and drivetrain and chassis, giving you the hands-on experience and skills you need to turn your passion for the automotive world into a career you can bring anywhere.

Collision & Refinishing Technology

Become an alternative artist using a canvas made of metal! You’ll learn the art of welding and cutting from the industry’s most-renowned instructors; repair vehicles from damaged to final finish using industry standard techniques and tools; and take your finish skills to the next level from masking to primer, prep to paint.

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