Investing in the Future of the Transportation Service

As an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the WyoTech Scholarship Foundation’s mission is to award academic scholarships to individuals pursuing post-secondary degrees in the fields of automotive, auto body, and diesel technology. Our aim is to encourage more men and women to complete the education and training necessary to succeed in these challenging and rewarding professions.

Essential skills are powering America right now

The work of technicians, providers, and service professionals happens every day, all day, throughout the country. Careers in the transportation industry are in high-demand, and while students and working professionals alike are searching for careers that withstand economic fluctuations, we see an increased need to provide scholarship support to incoming and existing students interested in automotive trade education.

WTI Foundation Board Members

Dale Eslinger – WTI Foundation President

Mellissa Mortensen – WTI Foundation Vice President

Martin Axlund – WTI Foundation Secretary

Fred Ockers – WTI Foundation Treasurer

John Hurd – WTI Foundation Board Member

Keith Geis – WTI Foundation Board Member

Douglas Min – WTI Foundation Board Member